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Privacy Policy

Principle of personal information protection

LIBRA ENTERPRISE conducts business activities with a core of purchase, sell and export the cars, machines, automobile related parts, etc.

We recognize personal information of our customers and employees obtained through business activities are important to us and to protect those personal information is our important societal responsibility.

Therefore, we handle the personal information obtained through business activities in accordance with the following policy and provide security for our customers and employees and fulfill one's social responsibilities.


1. Collection, utilization and provision of personal information

  • We obtain personal information with lawful and fair procedure.
  • We utilize personal information in necessary range for achievement of utilization purpose.
  • In case we provide personal information to third party, we gain agreement with identical person before we do.
  • We do not utilize the obtained personal information for purposes other than the original intent.
  • In case we need to utilize personal information for purposes other than the original intent, we gain agreement with identical person again for new utilization purpose.

2. Act, guideline established by the Japanese government and other norms

We follow all laws and regulations of enterprise relating to personal information at all times.

All of our employees are aware of this rule and should follow.

3. Safety management of personal information

  • We construct and keep a framework that take immediate corrective action for safety management of personal information and avoid the risks like illegal access to personal information, compromise, loss or damage of personal information.
  • We do checks and take immediate corrective action for found breach and trouble.
    We also take preventive action for point of weakness at same time.
  • We provide thorough instruction in safety management to our clerical worker.

4. Complaint and advisement

We construct a framework that can take immediate action for complaint and advisement about handling personal information and respond in good faith.

5. Lasting improvement

  • Our personal information protected management system is reviewed and conducted by corporate managers.
  • In order to prevent internal breach, trouble and point of weakness for protecting personal information, we check all our employees following correctly of internal rules.
  • We reflect this in management and internal rules, seek to improve our personal information protected management system continuously.
  • We improve in conformity to laws, regulations and JISQ15001.

6. Policy Updates

LIBRA ENTERPRISE timely revises its Privacy Policy in line with the development of information technology, or the change of social needs.

When Privacy Policy is updated, it will be announced on "what's new". LIBRA ENTERPRISE recommends you to review the most current version of Privacy Policy from time to time.

7. Linked Web Sites

LIBRA ENTERPRISE's Privacy Policy is only applicable between LIBRA ENTERPRISE and LIBRA ENTERPRISE's web site visitors. LIBRA ENTERPRISE does not bear responsibilities for what happens between you and any linked web sites where LIBRA ENTERPRISE does not have control.

Date of enactment: September 1st 2007
Chief Director : Yonezawa Irfan
Libra Enterprise Japan
Libra International Co.,Ltd