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How to Order

Explanaiton on how to order/ how to purchase in LIBRA ENTERPRISE


  1. Stock List

    LIBRA ENTERPRISE's Stock List (inventory) information is updated daily for our world-wide online customers. The prices on the Stock List reflect prices only.

    Additional delivery/shipping charges will apply. All the prices are indicated in Japanese Yen.

    An estimated delivery/shipping charge will be calculated on the destination of your choice. The exact delivery/shipping charge will be available on the invoice issued by LIBRA ENTERPRISE after your offer is accepted.

    Upon receiving of your offer, we will respond promptly. If you do not hear from us within 48 hours (except weekends and holidays), please contact our sales representative directly.

Terms of Trade

When you make an offer , you need to select the trading terms and specify the conditions of the transaction including the terms of trade, delivery/shipping location and method.

Completion of Sales Contract

A sales contract is completed when you receive a "Sales Contract email" showing that your offer is accepted by LIBRA ENTERPRISE . Invoice will also be available for your review and printing. We can also send invoice by facsimile .

Payment Method

Remit your full payment by telegraphic transfer to the bank account specified on your invoicewithin 48 hours after the sales contract is issued. Please fax us the receipt of the remittance with your stock number on for confirmation. Delay of your payment without notice may lead to cancellation of your sales contract, in which case we will notify you by email.

Delivery and Shipping

Delivery/shipping will be arranged promptly by LIBRA ENTERPRISE once your payment is confirmed. We will notify you by email on the delivery/ shipping issue. You can also check this information with the shipping company links.

The ownership of a product is transferred to you when we confirm your payment. We accept liability for the damage caused by LIBRA ENTERPRISE or its contracted vendors during ground transportation or lading . We will not be responsible for any damages caused after the delivery/ shipment has been executed.


All document for vehicle,machines,container,etc. will be posted to you following up with delivery of the goods. If LIBRA ENTERPRISE make shipping arrangement on your request, all document including Bill of Lading will be sent by DHL or EMS after the ships departure.

Bill of Lading

Consignee Information on The Shipping Documents

Consignee Information on The Shipping Documents From Consignee Change Request to Change Completion

  1. E-mail your details HERE with your , Stock#, Vehcle,Machine model
  2. After the change completion of the consignee, we will send you an email of the change completion.

Changeable Period

  1. Consignee information can be changed within 10 days after we confirm your payment.
  2. If the period mentioned above passes, we cannot accept the change of the consignee.
    We may accept a change request after progress in a time limit, but cannot be able to guarantee a consignee change.
    In addition, we may decline participation in future auction.


  1. Please send change requests by one case, even if consignees of the products always become the same consignee,
  2. Please send a request again within three business days after having the request of the consignee change when there is not the reply of the receptionist.

If you have any questions, please click HERE to contact.